Our Services

Account to account transactions
This service (transaction between $10,000 to $200,000) is suitable for clients converting funds in bank accounts.


Although we advise you to have your money in your account, this service is most suitable for travelers or others looking to exchange cash. (Not in service yet)

Money Transfer

We offer international money transfer for clients transferring funds internationally. This service is available for transactions over $10,000.
Please be advised that the destination for this type of transaction is limited to eligible countries. To make it easy and to meet your needs, we wire amounts less than $10,000 through internal transfer.

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Wire Payment

Count on us when you need to send a wire payment, whether it is around the globe or in your neighborhood.

Other Payments

We offer a wide variety of traditional and electronic bank transfers such as bank drafts.
Foreign currency bank Drafts
We provide guaranteed bank drafts as an alternative of Cash or Cheque when sending foreign currency. (Not in service yet)
If you want to receive our services, you need to read the following terms & conditions of our services and sign and send it to us.